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Daily budget plan data creator tool for Tableau and Google Data Studio

Daily data creator for Tableau or Google Data Studio

As a part of our H3.0 digital toolbox, we are happy to help you with your daily planned budget data, so you can import them into your data visualisation tools like Tableau or Google Data Studio.

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H3.0 public toolbox - daily budget plans for data visualisation (tableau, google data studio)

Insert the data.

Insert the data into the form (How it works?).

My budgets are:

Campaign start:
Budget milestones:
Milepoint date:     Budget at/until the milepoint date:
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H3.0 public toolbox - daily budget plans for data visualisation (tableau, google data studio)

This is a publis toolbox of H3.0 - the tool, that is able to manage every step within digital campaign planning, management, optimisation, evaluation, postbuying and invoicing.

In this form, you can setup various budget levels for the dates and we will output you lovely daily budgets table, that can be used in data visualisation systems like Tableau or Google Data Studio. Thanks to this, you can compare your planned spends with real spends = you can see, if you are underdelivering or overdelivering your planned bugets, or if you are fine. And knowing you are fine is our highest satori target.

Fill in the data

Create your budget plan by filling in the milestones and its dates. Fill in the planned budget levels for the milestones


Copy + Paste your data into desired sheet of Excel or Google Docs or whatever..

Use the data

Import your data into Tableau, Google Data Studio or Google Sheets.

Be happy

See the results and be happy. If you want to have better and more automated version of this tool, please manage your campaigns with ease = try our H3.0 - digital planning tool.